“I strongly recommend her script consultant services to all screenwriters. Uncannily perceptive, she provides clear, concise,
spot-on notes regarding structure, character development and theme. “

Mere Smith, writer/producer, Rome, Burn Notice, Angel

Expert script consulting and screenwriting tips so you can:

  • Sell your script
  • Get an agent
  • Pitch your concept
The Challenge

Selling a screenplay or TV script or getting an agent can be a discouraging, confusing process for any screenwriter. After all the blood, sweat, tears spent writing your final draft, you submit your script again and again, only to receive a “thanks, but no thanks” form letter that gives little or no clue as to why they passed.

Obviously there’s a problem with the screenplay, but what? Is it the writing? The plot? The characters? Is your script fixable or hopeless? Or worse yet, maybe it’s you. Maybe you’re not good enough.

The Solution

Relax! Stop questioning your talent. Self-doubt is just another form of writer’s block. It’s an obstacle preventing you from addressing the real issue with the script: you’ve lost perspective. You can’t fix what you can’t see. Contact The Scriptsmith Script Consultant!

In my experience, I’ve found that script issues vary and are often minor. Given a decent concept, a screenplay can be transformed from promising to compelling. Whether you’re an aspiring screenwriter or a working professional, whether you’re writing television scripts or movie scripts, I can get you there.

Through my script consultant process, we’ll explore and exploit your theme and characters, the foundation of my consulting approach. If you are new to script writing, I will help you avoid common mistakes, ensuring that your television script or screenplay not only reads well, but looks professional. For working writers, I provide a fresh perspective, an objective eye, and a sounding board for your rewrite.

Whatever your experience, I will improve your script and its marketability, and give you valuable screenwriting tools and tips to apply to all your future screenplays.

The Bottom Line

My script consultant rates are affordable, less than the fee for a scriptwriting workshop. See the Services and Rates page for details.  And be sure to review Screenwriting Tips for advice on screenplay format, how to get an agent and much more.

If you’re serious about screenwriting, submitting your best script is your first priority. Invest in your screenwriting future. Contact TheScriptsmith Script Consultant today!